Outdoor farming

Balcony Sized Systems

The CH64 system

While many people have balconies, not many use them for growing much if anything. This as balconies have a unique problem: accessibility. Put a few pots on your balcony, and you have a hard time walking around them to reach the far one, as it is a long, narrow shape. Also the shape of the pots means a lot of space is lost in between them, making this a very inefficient way of growing.

To overcome all this we designed our systems to sit across the balcony rather than alongside, and the pipes are placed at an angle above one another to maximise the use of space while still allowing the plants to catch enough light. Placed with the back to the railing the space use is minimal, while all your plants can be reached with ease. The reservoir goes under the grower, so it doesn't take up any extra floorspace. This allows you to grow up to 77 plants on less than 1 m2 (just over 10 ft2) of floor space!

Horizontal space is where the greatest limitations are, so we also use vertical space. Completely vertical gardens have their own serious restrictions, such as tall plants interfering with plants above them. Plants, by nature, also want vertical space. This is why the design is at an angle, giving plants that very important vertical space while minimising the need for horizontal space.

As not all balconies are created equal, we have built flexibility in the system, which can be customised to fit just about any balcony. Even if yours is not much more than a utility platform you may very well have the space to put down a hydroponic growing system, just have its legs straddle that air-con unit.

Rooftop Hydroponic Growing Systems

The CH620 system

This are large systems, designed to be installed on a rooftop or terrace and capable of growing up to 189 plants on a space as small as 2 m2 (less than 22 ft2). The basic design features are the same as those of the balcony systems, just the size is different. These are much wider. Not deeper, as then the far plants become hard to reach. For even further expansion, two of these could be placed back to back with access from either side, or to the sides of the terrace with access from in between.

Bucket Style Growers

Bucket grower

The simplest, possibly most compact growing solution! A bucket with nutrient solution and an air pump for the so important aeration. Perfect for growing larger, fruiting plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins. The grower is small and can be placed just about anywhere, while many plants can be guided to grow to wherever you think is a good place for them to be, such as the along railing of your balcony.

This set comes complete with air pump, hoses, air stones, a water proof case and extension cord for the air pump, foam starter cubes and fertiliser.