Indoor farming

Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with dedicated outdoor space. For those we have our indoor growers. Choose a simple bucket style grower - beware, the plants you grow in there can get really big, the CH8 bay window grower or the beautifully designed CH3 windowsill system.

CH8 Bay Window grower

The CH8 system

The CH8 is a cabinet that grows plants. All the plumbing parts are hidden from view, only a little overflow reveals what is going on: you can see the water running. This system has space for eight plants: a few heads of lettuce and some fresh herbs, for example. This will supply you with regular delicious fresh salads, grown in your own living room. It can hardly get better than that!

CH3 Windowsill grower

The CH3 system

The CH3 is a windowsill sized system. No space is too small for this! Designed with good looks in mind, it is more than just a hydroponic growing solution. It is a piece of art, perfectly complementing the beautiful plants that are growing in them. Place it in your kitchen to always have fresh herbs at hand, or in your living room or your office with some of your favourite ornamental plants. Just make sure that where-ever you place it, it does get enough light.

While small, this is a complete hydroponic environment. A small pump built into the integrated reservoir pumps the nutrient solution to the highest plant, from where a series of ducts takes the water to the other plants and finally back into the reservoir. You can see the water running, and refilling the reservoir is as easy as watering your normal plants.

Bucket Style Growers

Bucket grower

This "Dutch bucket" is the simplest of all hydroponic growers. It is a bucket filled with nutrient solution and an air pump for the so important aeration. Perfect for growing larger, fruiting plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins. The grower is small and perfectly suited for indoor use - but is your home big enough to handle the plants that come out of it?

This grower comes complete with the air pump, hoses, air stones, starter cubes and fertiliser.