Advantages of hydroponics

Rooftop hydroponics

The main advantages of hydroponic growing over traditional soil based growing are cost and control. Little loss of nutrients means a lower cost of fertiliser, while plants grow faster resulting in a higher yield. The use of a nutrient solution rather than soil allows plants to be grown closer together, further improving the yield. The general absence of soil means cleaner crops, and as hydroponic installations are usually raised above the ground the plants are easier to tend to. Being away from the soil helps stopping many pests, such as soil-borne fungi and slugs.

Plants grow faster in hydroponics than in soil. This because no soil means roots have a much easier time forming, and with the nutrients dissolved in the water the plants will always have all the nutrients and water they need.

Hydroponic systems are easy to maintain. The constant recycling of water in the system makes sure the plants are watered all the time, no need to water them every day or even twice a day. It is easy to measure the actual amount of fertiliser in the system, there is no guesswork involved here, you can just know your plants have the correct amount of fertiliser, and if not it is very easy to adjust to the correct amount.